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Reactive Dyes

Yellow FGYellow GRGolden Yellow RGolden Yellow RNLOrange 2ROrange 3RRed C-2GRed 5BRed BSRed RBViolet 5RTurq. Blue GTurq. Blue H2GPBlue R-SpecialBrill. Blue BB 133%Blue GGBlue 3RBrown GRBlack BBlack RL
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
SuitabilityDischargeabilityLightWashingChlorinated WaterPerspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4AlkalineAcidic
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityExaustPad-Batch Silicate1/61/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Yellow FG 10060LLSSG454-5514555Dischargable Lemon Yellow dye.
Yellow GR 10080HSSG4-565515554-5Important trichromatic component.
Golden Yellow R 10080HSSG4-5544-5154-554-5Economical dye.
Golden Yellow RNL 10080HSSG4-55442-34-54-54-54-5Good light fastness.
Orange 2R 10080HSSG44-54-552-35555Economical basis for all bright Oranges.
Orange 3R 8040HSLSG5-65-634-545555Useful basis for all shades.
Red C-2G 10080LLSSG55-64-55154-554-5Red with high light fastness.
Red 5B 8040LLSSG44-53515545Important trichromatic component.
Red BS 100100HSSP3-4454-525555Highly exhaustive. Useful for bright Red colours.
Red RB 8080HSSF4-554-54-52-354-554-5Technically superior Red to use as trichromatic component.
Violet 5R 10080HSSP66-752-34-54-554-55Only Violet dye.
Turq. Blue G 8030HSSP5-66552-354-554-5For Bright Blues & Greens. Need higher dyeing temperature.
Turq. Blue H2GP 8030HSSP5-66552-354-554-5For Bright Blues & Greens. Need higher dyeing temperature.
Blue R-Special 10050HSSF5-664-54-544-5555For Bright Blue & Royal Blue. To consider salt solubility in dyeing.
Brill. Blue BB 133% 10080HSSG6-774533-4545Dischargable Blue with good light fastness.
Blue GG 8060HSSG65-64-5535555Suitable for all Green Shades.
Blue 3R 10080HSSG6-773-453-43-44-544-5Useful Blue for Pad - Silicate Method.
Brown GR 100100HSLSG-54-54-534345Useful base for medium to dark shades by exhaust dyeing.
Black B 100100HSSG-544-54 As Black5454Useful base for medium to dark shades by exhaust dyeing.
Black RL 10060HSSF774433-453-45Good light fastness in pestle shades. Useful for producing Gray shades.
Yellow M8GYellow M4G Yellow MGRYellow M3RYellow M4RGolden Yellow MRBrill. Orange M2RBrill. Red M5BBrill. Red M8BMagenta MBTurq. Blue MGBlue M2RBrill. Blue MR Navy Blue M3RBlue M4GD
[table id=2 /]
Yellow P6GYellow H4GGolden Yellow HRBrill Orange H2ROrange P2RRed PBRed P2BRed H8BMagenta HBPurple H3RBlue HGRBlue 5RH Navy Blue P2RSupra Blue H3RPBrill. Turq. Blue H5GRed Brown H4RBlack HNBlack PGR
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesLightWashingBleachingSoda BoilAlkaline Perspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Yellow P6G 5025LM8044-5553444-54-555Bright Lemon Yellow dye for Greens.
Yellow H4G 130100LM805-664-5514 R54-54-554-5Economical basis for Greens & Yellows.
Golden Yellow HR 11050MM805-665534-554 G555Important trichromatic component.
Brill Orange H2R 150100MM80344-554 W44-554-54-54Orange basis for all shades.
Orange P2R 150100MM80344-55444-554-54-54Orange basis for all shades.
Red PB 15080MM8033-444-53444444-5Important trichromatic component.
Red P2B 10080MM8044-54444444-54-54Useful as high saturation value dye.
Red H8B 8010HL8044-544-54-544-5344 B4Important trichromatic component.
Magenta HB 8040ML8044-5451354-54-54-53Highly Productive component.
Purple H3R 15080ML8046-75542-354-552-34Bright Purple shade. require prolong fixation time.
Blue HGR 9060LM805-66552 D555555Typical school Blue shade.
Blue 5RH 12030ML805644-5115444-54Important trichromatic component.
Navy Blue P2R 8060MM80454-54-534444-554-5Important componant for Navy Blue shades.
Supra Blue H3RP 8040LH80565523-445555Royal Blue & Sky Blue shades.
Brill. Turq. Blue H5G 12080HH904-55-643-43-4 G234R24-53Can be used for exhaust dyeing also.
Red Brown H4R 9030LM8044-54-54-54-554-53-434-53-4Highly Productive. Need strong fixation conditions.
Black HN 4040LM804-564-5543G54-54-54-53For gray & other light shades.
Black PGR 6040MM80-5-64-54-533444-554-5Useful for Black shade with all round fastness properties.
Yellow HE6GYellow HE4GG-Yellow HERYellow HE4ROrange HE2ROrange HERBrill. Red HE3BRed HE7BRed HE8BBlue HERDBlue HEGNT-Blue HEGN-Blue HERN-Blue HE2RGreen HE4BGreen HE4BD
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesLightFastness to MercerisationWashingBleachingAlkaline PerspirationChlorinated WaterNotes
Day LightISO-105 X04I.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltSubstanitivity/ReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffect
Yellow HE6G 4545H/H803-44-54-54-54R512R54WR43Useful basis for the bright greenish Yellows & Greens.
Yellow HE4G 2520H/H8055-64-54-54-551-24-54-54-54-53-4Economical Yellow for Greens.
G-Yellow HER 7060H/H8055-64-54-5552-34-554-54-53Economical Golden Yellow component.
Yellow HE4R 7060H/H8055-654-5552-34-554-54-54Important trichromatic component.
Orange HE2R 355H/H8033-44-54454-544-54Y43Gives good all round fastness & bright shades.
Orange HER 355H/H8033-44-54454-544-54Y43Important trichromatic component.
Brill. Red HE3B 8575H/H80454-54-5551444-555Good all round fastness.
Red HE7B 150150H/H8034-53-44-54-54-534-54-554-54-5Important trichromatic component.
Red HE8B 160160H/H803-44-54-52-34-52-33-4 B14-54-554-53-4Economical dye for Reds & Maroons.
Blue HERD 8060H/H805-6654-55534-54-5443High light fastness in pale shades.
Blue HEGN 7020H/H8055-63-43-4552-34-554-54-51-2For bright Blues & Greens.
T-Blue HEG 7020H/H8055-633-4552-34-554-54-51-2For bright Blues & Greens.
N-Blue HER 6060H/H803-443-44-54-54-51-2D44-544-53-4Economical trichromatic component.
N-Blue HE2R 7060H/H80564-5342-32RD33453-4To be use for Navy Shades.
Green HE4B 130100H/H803-44--4-541444B41For Economical Bottle Green Shades.
Green HE4BD 12060H/H803-444-54-54-541444B41Useful component for all shades.
Colron yellow HECLColron Crimson HECLColron Navy HECL
SolubilitySuitabilityLight FastnessWashing C06/C2Perspiration M&S C7Chlorinated Water (JIS L 0884-10 mg)Dry Rubbing (M&S C8)Wet Rubbing (M&S C8)Perborate Wet Fade (M&S C9A)
Fastness to Mercerisation ISO 105*04Notes
gms/litDay LightISO-105 X04AcidicAlkaline
Water 30°CIn Presence of Salt 50°C (90 g/l)Substanitivity/ReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Colron yellow HECL 200120SNS4-54-54-544-54-54 R4-54 G, DL54-54-54-54-5
Colron Crimson HECL 200140SNS43-44-544-53-44-53-54-54-53-44-544
Colron Navy HECL 200120SNS43-44-53-44-544-5 G44-5 DL4-544-544-5
Yellow CN4GYellow CNRGYellow CNNPYellow CN2RScarlet CN3GRed CNRRed CN2BLRed CN4BBrill. Blue CNGBlue CN4RBlue CNRBlue CDNavy CNBN*Navy CRBlack CNGR*Yellow CSRed CSBlue CS
Colorn CN

Light Fastness 0.5%WaterWashing Fastness ISO 105 C03Perspiration ISO 105 E04M&S C10A (0.5%)M&S C9A (0.5%)Suitability
30°CIn Presence of Salt 60°C (60 g/l)ISO 105-B02AATCC 16E 20AFUISO 105-E03 Chlorinated
Water 30mg/l
EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainExhaustPad Batch Pad - Dry - Pad - SteamPad - SteamE - Control
Yellow CN4G 703044-524-54-555554-54SSSLSS
Yellow CNRG 100305-64-53-45555554-5SSSSSS
Yellow CNNP 1003044-54-54-54-55454-54-54SSSSS
Yellow CN2R 1003054-545554-554-54-54SSSSS
Scarlet CN3G 10030443554-554-5554SSSSS
Red CNR 100304444-54-544-554-544SSSNSS
Red CN2BL 603054-52-35555554-54SSSLSS
Red CN4B 1003044-544-554-54-54-54-554SSSLSS
Brill. Blue CNG 1003054-515555554-54SSSSS
Blue CN4R 1003054-525555554-54SNSSLSS
Blue CNR 1003064-52-354-54-54-554-544SSSSS
Blue CD 1003064-52-34-54-54-54-54-554-54SSSSS
Navy CNBN* 100303-43-444-54-54-54-54-554-54SSSSS
Navy CR 100303-43-444-54-54-54-54-554-54SSSSS
Black CNGR* 1008064-52-34-54-54-54-54-54-54-54SSSSS
Colron CS 2%
Yellow CS 100305-64-5454-555554-54SSSSS
Red CS 1003044-54-5444-54-554-54-54SSSSS
Blue CS 1003054-53-454-54-54-554-554SSSSS
Yellow 5GLG. Yellow MERLOrange ME2RLRed ME4BLRed ME6BLRed HRBLBlue BRC 150%Blue BFBlue 4GX
gms/lit at 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesApplication DyeingApplication PrintingFastness PropertiesNotes
Light AATCC 16E 20AFUISO 105-C03ISO 105-E03 20mg/lISO 105-E04
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltSubstanitivity/ReactivityOption dyg Temp °C% FixationExhaust DyeingSingle Bath CPBPad dry Chem. pad steamDischargebilityPrint by steamPrint dry steamStainEffectStainEffect (Acidic)Effect (Alkaline)
Yellow 5GL 10090H6070SSSPSS44-554-53-444Useful product for Yellows & Greens.
G. Yellow MERL 10090H6075SSSPSS44-554-53-444Important trichromatic component.
Orange ME2RL 6010H6070SSSPSS3444333Highly Productive & Bright Orange.
Red ME4BL 9070H6075SSSPSS3-444-54-53-44-54-5Important trichromatic component.
Red ME6BL 3010H6070SSSPNSNS34443-43-43-4Highly Productive.
Red HRBL 100100H6070SSSPNSNS33-44-553-43-43Highly exhaustive & Economical Red for medium & Dark shades.
Blue BRC 150% 5025H6075SSNSGSNS44-54-54344Useful Blue for light shades.
Blue BF 150150H6075SSSGSS344-55344Useful Blue for medium & dark shades. Suitable for Post Mercerisation.
Blue 4GX 150150H6075SSSGSS2-334-55344Economical Blue for deep & extra deep shades.
gpl at 30°C
Fastness to Mercerisation Xenon Lamp AATCC 16E 20AFUWashing Fastness ISO 105 C03Bleaching H2O2ISO 105 – E03 20 mg/lM&S C10AISO 105-E04
ISO 105-X04% Depth
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltChangeStain0.11.0ChangeStainChangeStainChangeEffect (Acidic)Effect (Alkaline)
YELLOW SF YELLOW SF2001354-54-53-4454-53-444444-5
G.YELLOW SF G.YELLOW SF2002004444-54-54-53-443-4455
ORANGE SF ORANGE SF100604-54344-544433-455
RED SF-2G RED SF-2G2001703-43-4344-54-5444444-5
RED SF RED SF2001703-43-4344-54-53-444444-5
RED SF-2BL RED SF-2BL2001702-32-33-4454-54-5444-554-5
RED SF-3R RED SF-3R2001703-43-4344-54-5444444-5
BLUE SF-NG BLUE SF-NG100802-32-344-54-54442-33-444
BLUE SF-NR BLUE SF-NR6040443-444-54-53-443444
BLUE SF-GR BLUE SF-GR70704-54-533-44-544433-444
Solubility (in gpl)Fastness to Mercerisation Fastness Properties
ISO 105-X04Washing Fastness ISO5 C03ISO 105 – X 12M&S C4M&S C10AISO 105-E04Light AATCC 16E 20AFU
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltChangeStainChangeStainDryWetEffect (Acidic)Effect (Alkaline)1%3%
YELLOW SD 2251455454-5545444-544
G.YELLOW SD 2001504454-554544444
ORANGE SD 125803-43-44-545453-44-543-44
ORANGE SD3R 10010043-454-5544-54-54433-4
SCARLET SD 15015043-454-5544-54-544-533-4
RED SDR 100803-42-35443444-54-533
RED SDN 1501503-4354434444-533-4
RED SD 1501004444544-54-54-54-53-43-4
RED SD3B 20010044-54-5454554-54-544
BLUE SD 20015043-44-54-554444-543-43-4
NAVY SD 150100444-54444-4-5433-4
Yellow RRRed RRBlue RR
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
SubstantivitySuitabilityWashing off PropertiesSolubility g/l at 30°CLight AATCC 16E 20AFUWashingChlorinated Water (20 ppm) ISO 105-E03Perspiration ISO 105-E04
ISO 105ISO C03
Exhaust 60°CCold Pad-Batch SilicatePad Dry - Pad Steam1%3%EffectStainEffectStainAlkalineAcidic
Yellow RR MediumSuitableSuitable-Good10033-45554-5355
Red RR MediumSuitableSuitable-Good10033-45554-52-354-5
Blue RR MediumSuitableSuitable-Good1002-33-45554-52-355
Golden Yellow RGBRed RGBBlue RGBNavy Blue RGB
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
SubstantivitySuitabilityWashing off PropertiesSolubility g/l at 30°CLight AATCC 16E 20AFUWashingChlorinated Water (20 ppm) ISO 105-E03Perspiration ISO 105-E04
ISO 105ISO C03
Exhaust 60°CCold Pad-Batch SilicatePad Dry - Pad Steam1%3%EffectStainEffectStainAlkalineAcidic
Golden Yellow RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood1004445552-355
Red RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood100345544-5355
Blue RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood10033-454-54-54-52-355
Navy Blue RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood10033-44544-5255
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